wonderful weekend...

January 24, 2022  •  4 Comments

IMG_2024IMG_2024 Good Morning, Friends.

Delilah here.  DelilahRoseDogYoung.  Remember me?

What a weekend!!!  It all started Friday, when UPS man (who I do NOT bark at)delivered a package for ME!!!  Well, it was addressed to my Mom, but as soon as she opened it I knew it was MINE!!!  Oh, JOY!!!  My Aunt Jody sent it to me.  Just look at it!!!

IMG_2015IMG_2015 See all those slidey things.  There are !!TREATS!!! under them.  Mom showed me how to slide them...and then...

IMG_2018IMG_2018 I promptly popped them all out, which I found much more expedient in treat-retrieval.  I'm not sure why the box said that there were no small pieces to this game.  


It took Daddy nearly an hour to figure out how to get all the pieces back together.  It took me about 30 seconds to find all the treats.  I'm not sure Daddy got a treat when he put all the pieces back.  I highly recommend treats as work incentives.

I so successfully conquered this part of the puzzle, that Mom showed me how to slide and spin the center section.  

IMG_2021IMG_2021 I removed those unremovable pieces, too, in record time.  No spinning needed.  I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!  I played it 'enthusiastically' several more times before Daddy said...NO MORE.  

So, Mom and I went to the Dog Park. (Dad was putting my game back together.) It was my maiden voyage there. Hers, too.  I was no sooner in the Park, than someone called my name!!!!  I couldn't believe I already had a friend there!!!!  Miss Annie (Jett's Mom) had read my Facebook stuff, recognized me, and we became best friends---immediately.  I was rather shy.  New kid on the block and all.  But everyone sniffed my butt and I sniffed a few back and no blows were thrown.  I didn't stay long.  When Jett and Enzo (my other new friend) left, I left too.  Good thing.  Some guy brought 4 furry friends in and two looked sort of mean.  I think I want to go back sometime, though.  Maybe when those tough guys aren't there.  

When I got home...you will never-ever-ever-in-a-hundred-million-years-ever guess what was on my front porch!!!!!  Another package from Aunt Jody!!!  I KNEW IT WAS FOR ME!!!!!  UPS man forgot to deliver it with the other one.  (Maybe I should have barked at him.)  

IMG_2025IMG_2025 This toy was rated a '2' (instead of a '4')  It just has flippy things and slidey things and nothing came apart when I got the treats.  Since I used both my nose and my paws, I had all the treats eaten in about 7 seconds.  I LOVE THIS ONE a whole whole lot!!!

So does my Dad.






PS: LOVE you, Aunt Jody!!! 



It sounds like you are keeping Mum and Dad on their toes! Loved this post x
DelilahRoseDogYoung, Aunt Jody loves you too, you oh so Cleaver,Smart Girl!!
Dee Kissinger(non-registered)
It is apparent that you are way too smart for those "beginner" toys. Mom is going to have to stay on her toes with you.
Wow, you did have a good weekend! I'm glad you got gifts and found friends at the dog park.

You seem to be good at figuring out puzzles. I'm not, so the treats would probably still be hidden if I had that toy.
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