I lost my ball....

January 21, 2022  •  4 Comments

IMG_2003_outputIMG_2003_output Hi, My Friends.

Delilah here.

This is GIGGLE-ball.  It's not the one I lost.  PHEW.  Thanks goodness, because it's my favorite.  No.  It's really my FAVORITE!!!

I lost my 'Treat' ball.  AGAIN.  Mom fills it with yummies. I roll it around.  Yummies squirt out the holes.  It's swell.  I'm always hungry, so you would think that this would be my favorite ball, and at certain times of the day, it really IS.  It's small.  I play hard.  Treat-ball gets into all kinds of teeny, forbidden places, and as smart as I am, I'm sometimes not smart enough to figure out how to get it.  It got lost.  I thought we needed to call 911.

Do you all know my mom very well?  Well, let me tell you...she's a bit compulsive about things.  (I'm learning that is quite the understatement.) To be honest, she's a CONTROL FREAK! The past two days, she's been on her hands and knees looking for my treat ball.  You would think her world was topsy-turvy, not mine.  Anyway, she's cleaned under and behind all the furniture in the house.  She's swiffered places I didn't even know could be swiffered.  The place is pretty tidy, if I do say so myself.  I think a call to 911 would have  been more expedient.

So, we were getting ready to sit down and tell you about the saga of my poor lost treat ball, when we turned our heads at the same time (here in the computer room), and hiding in plain site....YEP!!!  TREAT BALL!!!  OH, JOY!!!!  I grabbed it....ran off (who cares there were no treats in it!?) and before mom could chase after me....POOF.  It was gone again.

Swiffer-mop or 911?  (I need to figure out how to use the phone.)


Your friend,



gone are the days that Frodo loses anything since he rarely plays with a toy! however our cat loves to lose stuffed mice all over the place. it's fun to come across them :)
It sounds like the ball does not want to be found for long! I wonder if you are playing a game here Delilah, you know where it is really but it is fun to pretend that you don't?
Oh my, that ball is certainly the escape artist! I hope you find it again soon, and it stays put for a while.
Uh oh! Maybe you should put an Air Tag on it.
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