Have you heard?

January 10, 2022  •  3 Comments



I suppose you all heard already.  It was all over Facebook. I ate my Mom and Dad's dinner.  Again.

Actually, it was probably going to be their dinner for the next week, so in a way I saved them from those endless leftovers.  I ate their defrosting flank steak.  All 2.5 pounds of it.  I didn't care one little bit that it was a tad frosty in the middle.  

Now, before you jump my case...I'd like to take just a minute to defend my actions.  Mom left her cooking station in the kitchen in favor of watching the end of a photography webinar, placing far more importance on that than dinner.  When she found 'dinner' still slightly frozen, she tossed it in a bowl of water, put it in the sink, and left the scene.  Dinner floated enough for me to grab it.  And I did.  (I can make myself incredibly tall when I want to.)  And I gobbled as fast as I possibly could.  By the time the webinar finished (probably four or five minutes tops) there wasn't any indication that any meat had ever been on the floor.  If I hadn't been sitting there, licking my chops and looking rather pleased with myself, I might have been able to blame it on someone else.  (Not sure who.  Maybe Pink Baby.)

I have to give Mom credit.  She didn't cry.  But she did go....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!

And I got the idea.  



Oh dear, I am wondering if perhaps you have not been fed properly in the past? I think you new mom and dad are not like that and they will look after you well. I do hope they were able to find something else to eat and perhaps mum and dad need to shut doors or invest in a gate to keep you out of the kitchen!
Dee Kissinger(non-registered)
Oh my word. I'm surprised you didn't have a massive tummy ache.
Uh oh - that's not the kind of thing you want to keep doing, no one enjoys being in that much trouble!

I hope your parents found something good to replace it.
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